Our Chef.

Chef Cam's upbringing in Saint Thomas Virgin Islands, and the influence of his grandmother, who was a baker, have significantly shaped his culinary journey. Being raised in a place with a rich food culture, like the Virgin Islands, Chef Cam was exposed to a diverse range of flavors and ingredients from an early age.

Under the guidance of his grandmother, a skilled baker, Chef Cam’s love for cooking was nurtured and his culinary skills were honed. Baking requires precision, attention to detail, and a passion for creating delectable treats. It is through this early experience that Chef Cam developed a strong foundation in the kitchen.

Inspired by his upbringing and passion for cooking, Chef Cam made the decision to open a wood-fired pizza truck. This choice allows him to combine his culinary expertise with the convenience and mobility of a food truck. Wood-fired pizza, renowned for its distinct flavor and high-quality ingredients, became the centerpiece of Chef Cam's culinary offerings.

With his Caribbean background, Chef Cam infuses his wood-fired pizzas with a unique Caribbean flair, adding a fusion of flavors to the traditional Neapolitan style. This innovative approach sets his pizzas apart and offers customers an exceptional and enjoyable dining experience. Chef Cam’s journey, influenced by his Saint Thomas upbringing and the baking heritage passed down by his grandmother, showcases his passion for cooking and his commitment to delivering exceptional wood-fired pizzas. Through his culinary creations, he aims to delight taste buds and provide a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure for his customers.
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